Wishaw Nursery

Wishaw Nursery

Wishaw Nursery HomeAt Kirktonholme Private Nursery our team is created with a mixture of professionally qualified staff, we have a combination of trainee practitioners , child care practitioners, room supervisors, a depute manager and a nursery manager. Each has an individual responsibility to ensure the nursery is a safe and secure environment. We offer both full and part time places.

The Nursery uses National Documents such as Pre- Birth Three and Curriculum for Excellence in Nursery Schools, to support your child’s learning.

In the Baby room (6wks- 2yrs) and Rainbow room (2yrs-3yrs) we will use the Pre Birth – Three Document and the North Lanarkshire Council Birth – Three Document. The guidance from these documents recognises the importance of the learning that takes place before the age of 3. The staff will plan and provide good quality learning experiences to help prepare your child in their next stage of development.

The four key Principles of the Document are;

  • Rights of the child
  • Relationships
  • Respect
  • Responsive Care

We provide a large range of sensory experiences within these rooms   where your child can investigate and explore; all children also have daily access to outdoor activities developing their wellbeing.  Each child within these rooms will have a specific Keyworker who will be responsible for observing the develop needs of your child. They will then plan according to their specific needs.

When your child is ready to make their move into the 3-5 preschool room we will be using the Curriculum for Excellence .The staff team will ensure that every child will experience a broad education and develop learning skills. We will have a real focus on Literacy, Numeric and Health and Well being and through play the staff will plan quality learning experiences, allowing your child to make choices, solve problems and build independence both indoors and outdoors.

We encourage continuous outdoor play and have an inviting area which caters for all age groups, we have made progress to outdoors over the past year or so which has allowed us to incorporate the curriculum areas. We regularly go for walks within the grounds of the Hospital or visit the local Library and shops. A risk assessment and route planner is always carried out to minimize the risks.

We are a health promoting Nursery and encourage all parents and children to develop good knowledge about healthy eating. We are in regular consultation with the Hospital Chefs who provide us with our lunches, our morning and afternoon snack is discussed with the children and is changed regularly, and we also cater for children with dietary requirements.

We have regular visitors to the Nursery such as the Dental Hygienist  who keep us up to date with any changes to guidelines, the Optometrist who visits pre-school children  and alerts the parents if they have any concerns, and any child who has additional support needs will be accommodated with regular outside agencies.

Nursery Security  is very important ,we have an open door policy for families of children registered at the nursery and only these people are allowed to visit or collect a child.

If you cannot for any reason pick your child up from nursery and you are going to send one else you must contact the nursery and tell them in advance and they must have the password you provided the nursery with at the start of their transition into Nursery.


Susan Carruthers


Nursery Manager.