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Our Story

Kirktonholme Early Learning and Childcare is a family-owned group which opened its doors over 26 years ago. The first Kirktonholme Nursery was established in May 1994, and the group has gradually grown thereafter a group of ten successful nurseries operating across Scotland’s central belt.

At Kirktonholme Childcare we pride ourselves on being a benchmark for quality childcare, this is evidenced not only by our excellent reputation, our Care Inspectorate grades of mostly 5’s and 6’s but also our accolades received at the Nursery Management Today Awards over the past few years which included Best Nursery Group.

Our nurseries have gained an excellent reputation within the communities which we operate and this has been supported by our long-term staff team, where some staff members have remained with us the whole 26 years.

Some highlights of our journey:

  • We operated the Creche of the Scottish Parliament building for 10 years.
  • In partnership with the Scottish Government, we developed outdoor learning guidelines and became the first nursery in Scotland to secure registration for our outdoor learning environment.
  • Winning the “NMT Nursery Group of The Year” award in 2015
  • We designed and built a best practice design-led nursery in Govan – which is designed to offer the best possible learning experience to our children. We were also nominated for Glasgow Institute of Architects (GIA) Design Award in 2018.

Our Values & Care

Kirktonholme Childcare follows contemporary approaches to Early Learning and Childcare, acknowledging that young children’s relationships with others play a fundamental role in their learning and development. Therefore nurture and attachment are at the heart of everything that we do.

We know the most important thing to parents is a welcoming nurturing ethos which is both affordable and provides the opening times to allow them to return to work.

We ensure that children don’t feel they have been dropped off with strangers, as we recognise that no child can feel relaxed and safe with people until they get to know them. We recognise that before children can relax into a childcare setting, and take advantage of all its ‘learning opportunities’, they need time to get to know the staff and other children. This will take longer than only one or two visits, therefore we offer “stay and play” sessions with parents present which will go at the pace of every individual child and could take days, weeks or even months.

We pride ourselves in our Attachment Led Practice and always ensure that there are plenty of cuddles throughout the day as we at Kirktonholme Childcare.

Once your child has settled and has built secure relationships with the people around them, they will freely access an environment which is child-centred, acknowledges children’s views and built on respect.

At Kirktonholme we also recognise that play is an integral part of development and an intrinsic part of human nature, therefore we ensure that the children are surrounded by adults who are flexible and responsive to their needs in both our exciting indoor and outdoor learning environments.

Our Team

  • Emily Kelly

    Operations Manager
  • Dione Kilcoyne

    Mearnswood Nursery Manager
  • Samantha Kerr

    Thornliebank Nursery Manager
  • Charmagne Rodgers

    Tollcross Nursery Manager
  • Emma McClounnan

    Shettleston Nursery Manager
  • Luisa Prete-Kennedy

    Coatbridge Nursery Manager
  • Megan Green

    Bearsden Nursery Manager
  • Stephanie Henry

    East Kilbride Nursery Manager
  • Dawn McGavin

    Wishaw Nursery Manager
  • Carly Donaldson

    Govan Nursery Manager
  • Erin O’Niell

    Airdrie Nursery Manager
  • John Gallagher

    Maintenance Manager
  • Briege Tinney

    Finance Manager
  • Adam Kelly

    Operations Manager
  • Charlotte Kelly

    Owner & Founder
  • Edward Kelly

    Owner & Founder
  • Karen Flynn

    Area Manager
  • Sarah Kelly

    Development and Support Manager

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