Shettleston Nursery

Kirktonholme Shettleston Nursery is a homely two storey building situated in a residential area in the East End of Glasgow. We provide  full daycare for children aged 0–5 years. We are a private nursery in partnership with Glasgow Council which enables parents to apply for preschool funding for their child from the age of 3 years. Kirktonholme Shettleston Nursery is privileged to have a huge secured garden area to the rear which includes a baby garden and a welcoming garden space at the nursery entrance. We are within walking distance to Tollcross Park which has its very own miniature farm and also have access to other local amenities

Kirktonholme Shettleston Nursery was established in March 2003 and has grown over the past 8 years, we currently provide care and education to 78 children between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Places are available fulltime or  part time (sessional). Our staff work hard to create a welcoming and homely environment for our parents and children ensuring we are working closely with them and providing the best possible start for our children. We aim to meet each individuals specific learning needs and allow them to achieve their full potential. We pride ourselves on good communication and like to keep links strong between the nursery and parents and carers.

We have four separate playrooms which are; babies under 1 years; The Cottage, babies over 1 years; Tiny tots, children aged 2-3 years; Tweenies and children aged 3-5 years; Little Rascals.

Shettleston NurseryThe staff working with the children under three follow the pre-birth to three guidelines to provide a variety of experiences which will stimulate each child and enthuse their learning within our care. The rooms are well resourced and the environment creates a wealth of experiences for young inquisitive minds, staff use a daily diary to create good communication channels between them and the parents on a daily basis. The diaries include information on feeding, changes, sleeps and any activities or achievements the child has made through their day at nursery, this is brought to and from nursery each time the child attends. We provide experiences which encourage building relationships and developing the senses and usually mean getting extremely messy with paint, sand gloop and playdough. We also strive to ensure we are providing a rounded education and allow the children to self-select, promoting good physical development using climbing frames and dancing experiences. We understand that it can be a difficult transition for parents to leave their precious babies with someone new, so we provide an open door policy which allows parents to drop in or call at any time they feel the need.

Within our busy 2-3 room staff  provide a stimulating environment which focuses on building children’s independence. Our 2-3 room staff use the pre-birth to three document and also the 4 capacities from the curriculum for excellence to build our little learners into responsible young individuals. We promote confidence in our children and we provide experiences which will enhance their learning and provide for the individual. We allow our children to have independence within this age group and begin building on their self-help skills by providing a self-selective environment during most of the nursery day, we have areas that they can be creative, imaginative and innovative with various resources which stimulate their minds. Communication channels with parents are continued in this room with a daily sheet being sent home with information detailing if they have eaten, their toileting through the day, any sleeps, what experiences they have taken part in and any achievements they have made.

Our 3-5 Room is situated across the full top level of the nursery, the room has experienced staff who provide a wealth of experiences to stimulate and develop the children in their care. Within this area of the nursery we work with the Curriculum for Excellence in Nursery Schools, which provides the best start for our pre-school children. We use the early level outcomes which run from age 3-6 giving children a good range of time to establish their learning styles. Our children are encouraged to be responsible citizens, confident individuals, effective contributors and successful learners, we strive to ensure our children are educated appropriately and prepared for their transition to school.

We use our outdoor space extremely well within this age group and try to have a group of children out at all times using our resources outside. Our 3-5 children are very responsible and cater for most of their own learning, they are encouraged to dress themselves, wash themselves, serve their own meals, prepare their own snacks and care for one another.

We like to foster good relationships with our staff, children, parents and carers, outside agencies and the local community. If you would like to visit our nursery please feel free to give our nursery manager a call and we can arrange for you to come along and have a look around

My name is Margaret Rodger. I am nursery Manager at Kirktonholme Nursery in Shettleston. I have been a qualified practitioner for 23 years. I have achieved my PDA in childcare and Development and I am currently studying my BA in childhood practices at The University of the West of Scotland. I have been in a managerial position for 14 years.