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At Kirktonholme Childcare we ensure that at the heart of all that we do are positive, loving, nurturing and understanding relationships between our staff, children and parents.

Our Practitioners are the centre of our Kirktonholme family, and we would not be able to care for our amazing children each day without them. We strive to build teams who are fully on board with our values and share the same passion we have for nurturing the children and providing opportunities for their growth. To ensure that each child’s needs are being catered for we operate a key worker system, to ensure positive, secure relationships are built and ensure that there is a holistic approach to the wellbeing of every individual child.

At Kirktonholme Childcare we invest highly in our staff team as we recognise that they are the heartbeat of our centres. We have a team who have a clear understanding of child development and how children learn, they can attune their interactions to the development stages of children in order that they can best support each child’s individual needs. We continually host training days and evenings, allowing our staff to continually improve their knowledge.

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Our staff teams place huge value on play, they take time to observe children through play in order that they can deepen and extend each child’s learning. This is supported by having meaningful interactions and offering flexible experiences in a variety of spaces for children of all ages.

At Kirktonholme Childcare we ensure that our teams have opportunities for growth and have a clear career pathway in place. We nurture our youngest, members of staff and with support take pleasure in watching them progress through many roles within the nursery. To this day we have Nursery Managers who began their journey with us as modern apprentices and have worked their way up to becoming strong team leaders. We also offer continuous professional development on an ongoing basis to allow our teams to continually develop and strive for excellence.

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