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At Kirktonholme Childcare we recognise that high-quality early year’s care helps to promote children’s learning and development. The environment and interactions which a child experiences in their early years, is the basis for their development. We strive to provide the best possible care and environment, knowing that this helps to enhance each child’s emotional, educational and physical future.

At the core of Kirktonholme Childcares values is Attachment Led Practice. This is based on the science which shows that strong positive relationships shape the neural connections in young children’s brains, thus through creating strong bonds we can do our part in shaping each child to become his can be evidenced through our vision, values and aims, policies and procedures and practice in the playroom. We ensure that each child who attends our nurseries are recognised as the individual that they are. Therefore, we do not expect babies and young children to immediately settle into unfamiliar routines or playrooms without careful preparation. Such preparation includes well considered settling in arrangements such as, visits, stay and play sessions with parents and carers over a period which is unique to the child depending on their individual needs. We know that no two children will settle the same way and make sure not to rush this process, taking as long as is needed until both child and parent are comfortable.

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Secure attachment is one of our main priorities, and we know that children who have these secure attachments to their caregivers are more likely to become resilient and confident adults, comfortable to explore independently with the confidence that they can return to a carer at any time. That is why it is so important for us here at Kirktonholme to take time and build these attachments with each child.

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