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At Kirktonholme Childcare we value play, fun,exploration and movement. We ensure that all of our environments are both interesting and motivating for our children, engaging them in play and developing their skills at the same time.

We provide spaces where there are both open-ended and structured materials which can engage, challenge and support children’s overall learning and development in a meaningful way.

At Kirktonholme Childcare we place a huge emphasis on outdoor risky play. We recognise that high quality outdoor play experiences have a direct and positive effect on children’s physical, cognitive, social and mental health and emotional development. Therefore, we have a diverse range of outdoor spaces across our nurseries, ranging from woodlands to seaside, which our children utilise all year round. As we live in an unforgiving climate in Scotland, with no guarantee of dry weather, a Kirktonholme moto is that ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’, we encourage parents to bring a long plenty of warm clothes and waterproofs so that we can still get out and explore our surroundings no matter what the weather is like, as evidence has shown that our children thrive outdoors.

As well as providing exciting outdoor spaces for our little ones to explore, we put great effort into ensuring that our indoor spaces are equally as exciting and engaging. We want our nurseries to be a home away from home for the children, thus we create spaces which they can relax and feel comfortable in. Our rooms are all designed to allow free flow access for our children, to make their own decisions of where and how they would like to spend their time. We firmly believe in child-led learning and follow the interests and needs of each child.

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